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Avril's Gold Repotting


October 2015 the time had arrived to repot the orchid.  The month of October was selected on the advice of Henk van den Berg due to warmer pot temperature and new root growth starting - Henk had experienced earlier repotting may lead to the demise of the orchid.

Gosford Gold


‘Gosford Gold’ before potting, plenty of leafless bulbs:

Root system poor - the colour of the back bulbs indicate a hard life

Orchid divided and the roots severely trimmed - this actioning has been influenced by Bill Dobson’s methodology for repotting speciosums (Bill takes all the roots off – I will leave some) – I personally believe the orchid is shocked into growing new roots for survival – BUT if you are to adopt this method, TIE AND STAKE THE ORCHID SO THAT IT DOES NOT MOVE!!!  - this then ensures that the roots are not shaken when they commence to grow – with the back bulbs you could also place them in sphagnum moss

Gosford Gold divided and Roots Trimmed

The next photos demonstrate the tie and stake system – in the second photo you will note that 2 holes are punched in the back of the pot and with a piece of tie wire, the rear of the plant is tied down, a further 2 holes are punched in the side to hold the flower stick

The top of the cane is also tied:

For further stability a pot tray will be used to ensure that the pot is not accidentally tipped over.

To relieve plant stress a mixture of Auxinone (rooting hormone) and Aminogro will be used and the orchid placed in a cool, low light and well ventilated position – it will receive a misting every couple of day and several foliar feeds of the auxinone and Aminogro over the next 2/3 weeks – by mid November I would expect root development to have commenced.  

You will note the small pot used, next year I will simply use the next size pot an up repot – I expect the forward growth of the plant to try and flower next year, best to break the flower spike and wait for 2017 and 2018 to enjoy the display – then the process starts again.


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