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Den Starsheen x Jesmond Sparkler


Den Starsheen 'Botanic Fireworks' x Jesmond Sparkler 'Greg Hall' WT5612

Registered Name: Unregistered OW 11.3

Purchased: Aug 2013


Genus Name Doses Percentage
Den tetragonum 9 39.80%
Den kingianum 5 25.80%
Den falcorostrum 2 15.60%
Den delicatum 2 9.40%
Den speciosum 2 6.30%
Den fleckeri 1 3.10%


Generation Breakup  

Epithet SeedParent PollenParent Generation
Unregistered Starsheen Jesmond Sparkler 0
Starsheen Rutherford Starburst Visheen 1
Jesmond Sparkler Star of Gold Zip 1
Visheen Aussie Victory Dot Sheen 2
Star of Gold falcorostrum tetragonum 2
Zip Ku-Ring-Gai kingianum 2
Rutherford Starburst Zip Pauline Rankin 2
Dot Sheen Ellen Aussie Bonanza 3
Aussie Victory Ellen Sunglow 3
Pauline Rankin Hilda Poxon tetragonum 3
Zip Ku-Ring-Gai kingianum 3
Ku-Ring-Gai tetragonum X delicatum 3
Aussie Bonanza Aussie Ira falcorostrum 4
Ellen kingianum tetragonum 4
Ellen kingianum tetragonum 4
Hilda Poxon speciosum tetragonum 4
Sunglow speciosum fleckeri 4
Ku-Ring-Gai tetragonum X delicatum 4
Aussie Ira Ellen tetragonum 5


Goto Commentary

An easy to grow, great coloured orchid with a good lip:

Den Starsheen 'Botanic Fireworks' x Jesmond Sparkler 'Greg Hall' 


Great for the general Orchid Grower or Pot Plant Trade that is looking for an easy to grow, reasonable shape and pretty orchid.  

However, for the serious grower, the weak inflorescence and low flower count (3) may prove problematic.  Additionally, the complexity of the hybrid and the small percentage of speciosum may also be of concern.


Due to the attractiveness of the flower colour it will be retained in the collection to provide colour for future Goto Displays or simply to look at.  Grown on to a specimen Orchid it should look great, but, a Champion?


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