Goto Special Orchids - Denrobium Yondi Tina and Hybrids

Den Midas Touch 'D3'

21 July 2017 

Ira Bulter Gold Award winner 2011 (grower Don Cruickshanks) and 2014 (gotoorchids), HCC/ANOS 2011

The full piece of 'D3' (Den Avril's Gold 'Pure Gold' x Den Yondi Tina 'Goliath') was obtained from Don Cruickshanks in 2013

D3 was split in 2014 and a piece was passed onto an individual that I believed to be an astute grower and to assist with his hybridising programme - the piece of D3 that was passed on was immediately said to have rot issues - the offer to take it back and unwind the transaction was immediately offered - it was declined  - since that time that piece of D3 has been in difficulties, and recent articles in an ANOS Bulletin indicated that it was still in trouble and that it was split and re-potted in April 2017 - the article revolves around a 'magic' growing/fertiliser and suggests that in only a little over 3 months the once poor root system has fully re-established because of the 'magic' formulae - simply all that I shall say is bull..... 

Further, there were 5 flower spikes and observation of the photos showed the canes to be desiccated, indicating there is insufficient root system to hydrate the pieces of D3 - the problem will be further exacerbated if the flower spikes are allowed to mature as they will take the energy from the plant that would normally be used for repair and growth - my overall assessment is that D3 was divided and re-potted at the wrong time of year (October being ideal), in the weakened state & allowing the flower spikes to develop are all inappropriate - in all, time will be the judge.

As for my piece of D3 it is growing well and in October 2016 it was again big enough to split - part of the reason was to re-coup my costs associated with the initial purchase and have a back up piece with a good grower - D3 before the split:

After the split

My piece of D3 will now be allowed to grow for the next 2/3 years, and most likely this year (2017) it will be used for breeding.

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