Permanent retirement now affords me the opportunity to devote my time and efforts to my orchid growing passion. 

Whilst I grow all types of orchids, I do have a soft spot for the Australian Natives, particularly the dendrobium hybrids, speciosums (rock lily orchid) and sarcochilus.

This web site was developed (2015) to allow you to watch my progress in trying to grow that elusive grand champion (a journey that may take 15 years) from flask or seedling.  Along the way I will share with you the reason for purchasing a specific orchid by providing background information that may contain parent information, hybridiser's comment and other matters of interest.

Regular updates on the seedling orchids as they develop together with a pictorial history will be provided. At maturity a frank assessment will be undertaken to assess whether the original purchase was soundly based, and did it achieve that 'Champion' or more importantly that 'Grand Champion' status.

The web site will also provide information on Orchid Shows on the Central Coast and surrounding areas under ‘Coming Events’, over time a comprehensive photo ‘Gallery’ on some Australian Orchid genera will be developed and under 'Resources' hopefully, I can produce some interesting orchid articles.

Please log in on a regular basis to watch the development of the web site and my pursuit for that elusive champion.

I hope that you enjoy following my journey, one, that I personally hope will be long.

in relation to the use of the site, goto the article click here

Current Development


The Mingara Fair and Show Brochure has been updated, as well as the Show Schedule now being available, the Entry Form that needs completion will be available by the 24th May - for full details goto


Wyong Spring Time Orchid Show will this year be held on the 15th - 16th September 2018 at the Wyong Race Club, full details to be shortly posted.


Mingara Fair and Show 2018 June 23 - 24, Brochure and a New introduction to the weekend in Guest Speakers has been added, for details goto


Royale Orchids Autumn Open Weekend 6 - 8 April, for details goto 


Royale Orchids Autumn Fair 6th - 8th April - a fabulous week-end assured - for details goto


Some photos, without names from the ANOS Sydney Group Sarco Show 2017 held at the Kellyville Shopping Centre - the venue was a delight - for photos goto


Some more sarco photos added goto


The ANOS Central Coast Sarco Show was a huge success and the influence of David Butler's and Neville Roper's (many via Lloyd Edwards) hybridising was clearly evident on the Show Benches with the abundance of colours - some photos goto


In coming months there will be a change of photos in the Photo Galleries as the focus will be primarily on photo taken or owned by Goto - as a start it will commence with the Sarco Season as this year's flowering is turning out to be very good - to see photos goto

A small article on Yondi Tina, particularly focussing on cultivar 'Goliath' and some hybridising that Goto will be undertaking - for the article goto


Oh my, how time flies, it has been over 2 years since the website was launched, and reflecting back I've not undertaken a great deal in terms of my 'Mission Statement', rather I've been busy with Orchid Administration associated with local Clubs, and in particular the Wyong Spring Time Show that takes a great deal of work to co-ordinate - most articles that I've published have been on Facebook, and the time has come to focus greater attention onto this website and my orchid growing.

The format of the Photo Galleries will start to change with some pictures being deleted and being replaced with photos taken by Goto - further as I will be using a pixel size of 1140 x 684 that will be around the 400kb size the number of pictures held by the site will reduce - the offset to this will be that the quality will be superior when the main photo in the Galleries Section is clicked, it will provide a larger clear picture in most instances.

Keep an eye out for the changes and thanks to all in cyber land that keep clicking onto this site.


Some photos from the 2017 Kempsey Speciosum Spectacular - to view goto


Some photos from Henk van den Berg's native collection - I certain you will agree, a fabulous collection - to view photo goto


Next major event for Goto is the ANOS Central Coast Spring Show on August 18 - 20 2017 at Narara Valley Nursery - for details and photos goto


The Tinonee weekend was fabulous.  It was the first time that I attended the Saturday session, and the Guest Speakers were very good, the steak sandwiches as usual were fabulous - I'll post some photos later in the week.

The Show Schedule for the ANOS Central Coast Spring Show has been uploaded, to download a copy goto


A long time since the last post, but, much has occurred.  In June I attended the Mingara Fair and Show and also the Royale Orchid Event - both were fabulous.  Both the Mingara Fair and Show were fabulous, and I was particularly impressed with the range of orchids that were available for purchase, the Show was very good, despite Orchid Numbers being down due to the horrible bout of weather that the Central Coast is experiencing.

The Royale Orchid Event was fabulous, and I was particularly impressed with the variety of stock carried by Joanne and Mark of Karunda Exotic Orchids - they also had tillandsia air plants, they were fabulous, as usual Clive and Agi from Mt Beenak had some fabulous orchids for sale, for me it was the sarcos - for photos of the Events goto

For me this weekend see a trip to Tinonee Orchids at Wingham, and preparation for the ANOS Central Coast Spring Show in August - more on both these Show later


Some work completed on the various Central Coast Shows


Wyong Spring Time Orchid Show will be held at the Wyong Race Club on 9 - 10th September 2017, for details goto

ANOS Sydney Group has developed a website for the Group's activities and for details goto


15th Mingara Orchid Fair and Show - Saturday 24 June - Sunday 25 June 2017 - information page established - goto click


Mark Daniels (Bush Basher) - markets his products under Strongrow Orchids - Mark is undertaking some interesting hybridising of Native Dendrobiums and there are some treasures being produced - one issue with Mark's orchids is his naming convention, an issue that could present problems in the future.

A selection of Mark's orchids has today been posted and they can be located here


A section on Goto Special Orchids has been commenced and the first article is on Den Avril's Gold 'Dell' and it can be found here and second is on Den Avril's Gold 'Gosford Gold' and it can be found here


Details and photos for Gosford and District Orchid Society added, as well as information on the Central Coast Show at which the Orchid Club will be holding an Orchid Show


Photos from the visit to Royale Orchids Peat's Ridge NSW added Galleries/Orchid Growers and Vendors/Royale

To view the latest photos, a year month date has been added eg 201608 and for this month's new pictures insert 201608 into the Search Function 


Show Schedule for the ANOS CC Spring Show uploaded - for details click here


Down Under Native Orchids incorporating Ellermore Orchids has issued its 2016 Spring Catalogue and it can be found here.  I also produced a small Introduction Article on Down Under Native Orchids incorporating Ellermore Orchids, and it can found here


An article on re-potting Speciosum, it can be read here


An article on re-potting Avril's Gold posted, it can be read here


I spent a wonderful morning at Royale Orchid's June Fair - some fabulous cymbidiums, particularly in the tracyanum/eyrthraeum style hybrids, and as time allows I will post photos of Orchids that I have taken at this Orchid Nursery.

A Royale Photo Section has been established in readiness of the Photos - and until population commences, I  have shown a photo of Mike and Wouter who are currently at Royale from Holland, goto photo


In the Culture Section, some interesting sites that Goto recommends linked - in particular is an interesting Article by Ellermore/DUNO Orchid Nursery, goto Ellermore/Duno


Details for the forthcoming Mingara Orchid Fair and Show updated as well as the ANOS Sydney Groups Spring and Sarc Shows


The Central Coast as well as ANOS Sydney Group Orchid Show Season is nearly upon us.  Accordingly this site will again commence regular Posts.

One of the biggest Orchid Shows in NSW at Club Mingara will occur on the 25 - 26th June - A BIG FAIR AND SHOW, and one not to be missed, for details click


Article on 'Insight into the 2015 Speciosum Season' - commentary on 'Full Moon' completed, as for the others they will be done when time avails - goto article, click here


Some photos from the 2015 St Ives Orchid Show up loaded


Now that the bulk of the Orchid Shows are over, regular posts will recommence


Updating of the site has taken second place due to the organisation of the Wyong Spring Time Show that is on next week - it promises to be a great event - for details, click here

Regular updates will re-commence after the Wyong Spring Time Orchid Show


Elemore Orchids have been producing excellent orchid hybrids, but, with the recent acquistion of trading name Down Under Native Orchids (DUNO) and breeding stock, Grahame and Callyn will push the quality of hybrids to the next level in years to come.

Goto will certainly be keeping an eye out for the yearly catalogue and the varied seedling range to include the tropical (hot/cold) that will become available - if you wish to increase your chances for a future champion - keep watch for hybrids originating from Elemore Orchids/DUNO.

To view photos that have been uploaded, click here


ANOS Central Coast Spring Show is being held this week-end at Narara Valley Nursery - some photos from the Show uploaded click here.

After this week-end it is hoped to upload some new material will be added to the site.


Further update on the Insight into the 2015 Speciosum Season - it is turning out to be better than first mooted, but, flower count is definitely down.


Some new dockrillias photos added to "Dock. Par Excellence Growers" section from Jeanne Dunn - the colour range now available is just fabulous, goto to the gallery, click here.

The Orchid Show Season is well and truly upon us, commencing with the following Major Shows:

Do try and visit some of the ANOS Shows for the Australian Natives - you will not be disappointed.

Goto will visit a number of the Shows to obtain new photographic material to upload to the site.

Unlike the speciosum season, the sarcochilus season is shaping up to be very good and there will be a number of new hybrid seedlings flowering for the first time this year - watch for developments ove the next 2/3 months.


Commentary on Seedling Selection and Flowering Results has commenced, the first article being on Den Starsheen 'Botanic Fireworks' x Jesmond Sparkler 'Greg Hall', goto article click here.  Second article posted for Brimbank Fire, goto article click here.

A template will need to be developed for this type of Article to reduce production time.  To provide some detail on how to interpret:

Percentage - provides an approximate breakup of the species used, and under 'doses' the number of times that the species is involved in the orchid.

Generation Breakup - provides details of the hybrids and species used for 5 generations



With the forthcoming ANOS Central Coast Spring Show on 21 - 23 August 2015 at Narara Valley Nursery fast approaching, it is appropriate to post some photos from previous Shows, click here


In relation to the Goto experiment, mentioned on 13/07/2015, a goto Photo section has been created using a mixture of photos to include some from the ANOS 6th Conference held in 2010 by the Newcastle Group - what a fabulous Conference and Show it was!  The photos from the Conference can be viewed here 

As the photos are prefixed with 'goto Photos' the search engines should be able to locate them in the next 2/3 weeks, and the result being 'goto' being linked to the site, well at least that is the plan.

Additionally, contact details for ANOS Sydney Group has been uploaded, if you live in the Hills District or surrounds and interested in growing Native Orchids, click here, Facebook details can also be found


Details provided for the ANOS Sydney Group Spring and Sarcanthinae Shows 


The new ANOS Inc website is to be shortly launched, but, until it is, this website will host the ANOS Central Coast Bulletin (last 2 month) and On the Bench Photos by Jorn Villien - the photos by Jorn are very good and worth viewing, to goto the ANOS CC site click here

Goto - a little experiment to influence the Search Engines.  Whilst satisified with the speed that the web search engines have found the site by typing gotoorchids.com or goto orchids, 'Goto' is not associated with the site (not on the first 15 pages of Google), accordingly, I will be using the phrase Goto more often in an endeavour to have it associated with the site, the clock is ticking, can Goto achieve recognition as part of gotoorchids.com on P1 of Google within 30 days?


An article on the 2015 Speciosum Season -  "Will the 2015 be Outstanding, Average or Poor" - this article will also over the next several months track the flowering development of a number of speciosums, to goto the details click here.


Cleaning up the hard drive on the computer I came across a few photos of the Mighty Murray River, and in particular the use of that Aussie Ingenuity to turn a Washing Machine Drum into a very useful camp site item, plus a few pictures of the Murray, goto view click here.


Little has occurred on the site due the Mingara Orchid Fair and Show and Tinonee's Open Day last weekend.

Ray Clement's of Tinonee Orchids put on a fabulous week-end with great guest speakers, potting demonstrations, a fabulous Orchid Show, a wide range of keenly priced Orchids for sale, a gourmet BBQ (the Steak Sandwiches were outstanding) and mostly importantly the fund raising for Retina Australia - to Ray and his Team, congratulations on a marvellous week-end.  Not many photos taken (too busy chatting and eating), but, what there is, goto view click here.


Some photos from the very successful 13th Mingara Orchid Fair and Show, click here


A fix has been put in place for users of IPads and IPhones that wish to view Goto Commentary that contain tables as they extended beyond their borders - best to view these documents in landscape.


Document relating to Disclaimer, Photographs and Acknowledgements posted, for details click here.  

Under RESOURCES, Orchid Club Details for ANOS Central Coast commenced - a good friendly Native Group to join for those individuals living on the Central Coast, for details click here 



Some photos added to Hot - Cold A - H and I - Q, plus some speciosums: I do like the Aussie Angel 'Yvonne' and some very interesting crosses have been made with Aussie Angel crossed with: Ellen = Angellene, speciosum = Anne's Rainbow, Hilda Poxon = Colonial Campio, Peter = Colonial Desire, Star of Gold = Colonial Flirt, Aussie Ira = Colonial Surprise, Aussie Victory = Fromelles, Sunglow = Grace Robson etc.  For those that may not aware most of the orchids that contain "Aussie" or "Colonial" were hybridised by Phil Spence, the most famous is undoubtedly Aussie Child.

Aussie Child contains approx 13% fleckeri and it provides the bright almost orange gold colour in its siblings, look at the photo of Avril's Gold 'Wingham' click here.  Wingham is a beautiful orchid, but, I do have difficulty in growing it to perfection - the reason for the difficult growth in my opinion is the fleckeri influence.   -   More updates soon


Den Cosmic Gold and Midas Touch - Seedlings to watch. 

First article, may be a little rough around the edges, but, formatting etc will improve with time, to read click here.


4/06/2015 Not much development on the website over the past week, time provided to settle the site and for the Web Designer to clear some of the back end issues.

Over the next week more photos will be added, Acknowledgements, Disclaimer and Photo Copyright issues will be addressed.

In order to make the Website relevant and to meet the mission statement contained in 'Welcome', lets commence the 'Champion' or 'Grand Champion' journey with Den Avril's Gold x Den speciosum = Den Cosmic Gold and Den Avril's Gold x Den Yondi Tina = Den Midas Touch - many may say that its all been done beforehand, but, stop and think how many have you actually seen at Shows, and if so, who was the owner?  The same name/s repeat!   -   Watch for the post in the Resources section in the next couple of days.

Don't forget about the 'champions' in the Cedarvale Orchid's EOFY seedling Sale click her for details - Watch for a post in the Resources section in the next week or so.

29/5/2015 GOOD NEWS website is online and email is now working - log in on a regular basis to follow the development

































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Coming Events

ANOS Central Coast Group
38th Annual Spring Show 2018

August Fri 17th -Sun 19th
Venue: Narara Valley Nursery
2 Manns Rd Narara NSW
For details goto

Kempsey Speciosum Spectacular

September 2018
Venue: Macleay Valley Motor Cycle Track
Alverton St, Greenhill via Kempsey
Details to be advised

ANOS Sydney Group
36th Annual Spring Native Orchid Show

September Sat 8th - Sun 9th
Venue: Eden Garden Nursery
Lane Cove Road, North Ryde
Details to be advised

Wyong Spring Orchid Show 2018

15th - 16th September 2018
Saturday 9am - 3pm
Sunday 9am - 2pm
Venue: Wyong Race Club
Howarth St, Wyong NSW
For details goto


ANOS Sydney Group
33rd Annual Sarcanthinae
Native Orchid Show 2018

October Sat 20th
Details to be advised

Gosford and District Orchid Society Inc
Orchid Show 2019 - Central Coast Regional Show

Venue: Gosford Show Ground
Details to be advised
Gosford Orchid Club details

Mingara Orchid Fair and Show 2019

June 2019
Details to be advised
Venue:  Mingara Recreation Club 
Mingara Drive

Tinonee Orchid Nursery
7th Annual Workshop & Lunch 2019

Details to be advised
Venue: 768 Tinonee Road

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