Permanent retirement now affords me the opportunity to devote my time and efforts to my orchid growing passion. 

Whilst I grow all types of orchids, I do have a soft spot for the Australian Natives, particularly the dendrobium hybrids, speciosums (rock lily orchid) and sarcochilus.

This web site was developed (2015) to allow you to watch my progress in trying to grow that elusive grand champion (a journey that may take 15 years) from flask or seedling.  Along the way I will share with you the reason for purchasing a specific orchid by providing background information that may contain parent information, hybridiser's comment and other matters of interest.

Regular updates on the seedling orchids as they develop together with a pictorial history will be provided. At maturity a frank assessment will be undertaken to assess whether the original purchase was soundly based, and did it achieve that 'Champion' or more importantly that 'Grand Champion' status.

The web site will also provide information on Orchid Shows on the Central Coast and surrounding areas under ‘Coming Events’, over time a comprehensive photo ‘Gallery’ on some Australian Orchid genera will be developed and under 'Resources' hopefully, I can produce some interesting orchid articles.

Please log in on a regular basis to watch the development of the web site and my pursuit for that elusive champion.

I hope that you enjoy following my journey, one, that I personally hope will be long.

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Current Development

25/02/2019 - The Sarco Season for 2018 for me was outstanding and I look forward to the 2019 flowering - have a look at a sample of flowering photos - goto - for some, click on the main photo above the thumbnails to bring up a 'large photo' that will have more details.

24/09/2018 Details on DUNO/Ellermore 2018 Catalogue for details goto

24/08/2018 - Site is being stripped to make way for regular Posts that will revolve mainly around seedlings purchased or hybridised by Goto and progress of Mature Goto Orchids


Date Gotoorchids Commenced

29/5/2015 GOOD NEWS website is online and email is now working - log in on a regular basis to follow the development


































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Coming Events

Mingara Orchid Fair and Show 2019

June 2019
Saturday 29th 9am - 4pm
Sunday 30th   9am - 3pm
Venue:  Mingara Recreation Club 
Mingara Drive

For early details goto

ANOS Central Coast Group
39th Annual Spring Show 2019

August 2019
Venue: Narara Valley Nursery
2 Manns Rd Narara NSW
Details to be advised

ANOS Sydney Group
37th Annual Spring Native Orchid Show 2019

Details to be advised

Wyong Spring Orchid Show 2019

14th - 15h September 2019
Saturday 9am - 3pm
Sunday 9am - 2pm
Venue: Wyong Race Club
Howarth St, Wyong NSW



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