Culture Notes

There is a plethora of Culture Notes on the web, and it is not the intention of this site to repeat those articles.  Rather, links will be provided to sites that gotoorchids have found to provide useful information, better still, join your local Orchid Society

Goto has found Duno/Ellermore to hybridise high quality orchids and their culture is second to none - link to their website can be found here

Some other useful Websites for Orchid Culture Information:

Sue Bottom - I've found Sue's articles on Orchid Culture, Pest and Diseases to be very informative and covers most topics and they can be found here

Bill Dobson - is a renowned speciosum orchid grower and his site can be found here and a link is provided on the left hand side to the various articles that are available written by various growers, the Articles can be accessed directly from here

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